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CalculiX CrunchiX USER’S MANUAL version. Guido Dhondt. March 2, Contents. 1 Introduction. 2 How to perform CalculiX. CalculiX USER’S MANUAL – CalculiX GraphiX, Version -. Getting Started with CalculiX. Jeff Baylor – Convergent Mechanical Solutions LLC. CGX Tutorial based on a tutorial by Guido Dhondt. Additional contributions by.

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I’d appreciate any level of support via PatreonLiberapayor PayPal! The surface behavior parameter is way off from the recommendation in the Calculix manual. ccalculix

CalculiX CrunchiX USER`S MANUAL version |

The manuall were done to determine the burst-speed and the highest allowable rotational speed concerning low cycle fatigue and creep. Static, dynamic and thermal solutions are available.

CalculiX is a package designed to solve field problems. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post.

Click HERE to see the example of the turbo-charger compressor. Open the results with cgx and there type Code: Last edited by makkemal on Wed Feb 08, 1: The solver is able to do linear and non-linear calculations. Do you think this could be extended to do kinematics-type stuff, like animate a four-bar linkage and show the calcilix stress concentrations throughout the members?


The compressor is made of casted aluminum alloy AlSi – C and the turbine of a high temperature alloy Inco C. One degree of freedom is left, so they can rotate about their fix-point. Did not know that this is possible in CalculiX.

CalculiX USER’S MANUAL – CalculiX GraphiX, Version –

Because the solver makes use of the abaqus input format it is possible to use commercial pre-processors as well. The input file is given together with two scripts, in order to create an animation with cgx. Read more about what I do at my blog. I’m still pretty new to this, can you expand on these instructions a little more?

CalculiX FE-Model of a jet engine with turbo-charger calcuix blue manuxl turbine red. The contact feature did need tuning. For a quick overview of the capabilities of CalculiX the results of an investigation of a small jet engine are presented.

Put all files into one directory. After some trial and error I got a working bouncing pendulum with just two finite elements. The driving force is gravity. Contact information can be found at the bottom of the “Download” page.

So I tried to find out, if it is possible to do some basic physics with it.

CalculiX CrunchiX USER’S MANUAL version 2.12

Like my FreeCAD work? In addition the eigenfrequencies were calculated to determine possible resonances with the vanes. The models are meshed with 20 noded brick elements with reduced integration. Click HERE for the jet-engine-model and documentation. The jet engine was build around a turbo-charger rotor in the early 90’s by Andreas Funke and Klaus Wittig. The FE-model was build from scratch with CalculiX and the compressor- and turbine models together with solver input files can be found in the distribution.


The right and left side of the disks are connected by cyclic symmetry equations which allow to calculate eigenvalues and mode-shapes for certain nodal diameters of a rotational symmetric volume based only on a segment of the structure.

A simple step reader is included. The CalculiX package was developed by a team of enthusiasts in their raw spare time. Click HERE to see the example of the turbo-charger turbine. The rigid body concept is used to fix the two bodies in space. Both programs can be used independently. Anyone for making an importer into the animation workbench? The method used is the calcilix element method.