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Canon, the Canon logo, and imagePROGRAF are trademarks or registered Ink used for maintenance purposes such as head cleaning is absorbed. (Replace. Complete The Survey. No, Thank You. Canon · Consumer Product Support imagePROGRAF Series Support – Download drivers, software, manuals. Products. imagePROGRAF iPF Drivers & Downloads; Manuals; NEED SERVICE? imagePROGRAF iPF Specifications · Drivers & Downloads · Manuals.

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Removing Protection Materials Chapter 3 3. Therefore, be sure to note the following points when handling the roller. During the relevant warranty period, Canon shall, in its sole discretion and without charge, repair or replace any defective Printhead with a new or comparable rebuilt Printhead.

Never peel off tape [1] that fixes the ink tube when detaching the joints of the ink tube serfice the upper part of the carriage or when removing the joint base from the carriage.

Such a charge can damage electrical devices or change their electrical characteristics.

Canon iPF Series. Service Manual. Parts Catalog

One Sheet, front output. F When tilting the printer, place a cardboard or blanket on the floor to prevent damage to the printer. F When plugging in the power cord, be careful about the positions of the prongs. Chapter 3 2 While the two persons are holding the left and right carrying handles jpf9000 at the bottom of the printer, the third person removes the lower cushioning mate- rials.

When the printhead is secured to the carriage, the signal contact of the head relay PCB is pressed against that of the printhead to convey print signals.

Chapter 1 Printable area Roll media Internal area, excluding a 5-mm top, bottom and left and right margins. Table of Contents Add to my manuals Add. Introduction The following rules apply throughout fanon Service Manual: Details Of Service Mode Chapter 7 7.


Chapter 3 The printer main servkce weights approximately kg. Product Specifications Chapter 1 1. Detection Functions With Sensors Chapter 2 2. Chapter 3 When tilting the printer, support the printer at bottom left and right side of the printer.

Motor control function This function controls the carriage motor, feed motor, valve motor, purge motor and lift motor based on the input signals from sensors.

Taking up begins automatically when a sensor attached to the bottom of the stand detects a roll delivered after printing falling down due to the weight of manuwl weight roller. The maximum printable length from Printer Driver is 50 feet.

imagePROGRAF iPF9000

Ink tank unit The parts layout illustrations in parts catalog have figure ipf90000 according to the disassembly procedure of the product. Warranty replacement shall servkce extend the warranty period of the defective Product. Ink Tank Unit Chapter 2 2. Chapter 2 c Pump The pump suction pump is a tube pump that pressurizes the ink tubes with rotating rollers to generate a negative pressure for sucking inks.

Reinstalling the feed motor To reassemble the feed roller drive timing belt [3] into position, set the tension of timing belt [3] ipf99000 adjusting the pressure of spring [4]. Page Chapter 5 5. Page Chapter 3 6 Insert the basket rod in the middle of the basket cloth in the hole [1] on the bottom of the rod holder, and thread the black cord from the back through the hook [2] on the top of the rod holder.

This paper has a bright white tint, perfect for accurate proofing applications. How to Handle the Printhead Do not open the printhead package until you are ready to install the head. In the diagrams, represents the path of mechanical drive; where a signal name accompanies the symbolthe majual indicates the direction of the electric signal.


Chapter 3 2 Insert hands in the holes in the front side of the bottom cardboard seat to hold the printer, and turn the printer 90 degrees backward until it lies on its back on the cushioning material for printer installation. F b Action to take after replacing the head management sensor Because the distance between the head management sensor and the carriage unit is varied from one unit to another, the manuaal has its optical axis esrvice to adjust the non-discharging nozzle detection position prior to shipment.

F 3 Remove two screws [1] and linear encoder [2]. Otherwise the printer can be deformed or damaged. Cutter Unit Chapter 1 1.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF9000

Page Aug 8 Agitation cam sensor The photointerrupter-based agitation cam sensor detects the status of the agitation cam. Chapter 3 5 Using a cutter or scissors, cut the vinyl cover as shown and pull it to the left and right to expose the stand connection areas.

When the upper cover close, the switches are pressed to detect the closed state of the upper cover. Chapter 3 7 Raise the manua tank lock lever and remove all ink tanks. Chapter 4 6 Detach joints [1] of the ink tube. In that case, please wash the joint cqnon alcohol and remove the adhering ink.

Firmware Chapter 2 2. The code of warning and error is shown by combining alphanumeric characters of eight digits and four digits.