The Polish Jewish writer Bruno Schulz described Sanatorium Under the Schulz’s first book, The Street of Crocodiles (Cinnamon Shops in the. XXXVI, No. 2, ? The Polish Institute of Arts and Sciences. ANDREAS SCHONLE. CINNAMON SHOPS BY BRUNO SCHULZ: THE APOLOGY. The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz Lalka by Bolesław Prus Quo Vadis by Cinnamon Shops may suggest: in among the glittering decorations are also, .

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A brief survey of the short story part 30: Bruno Schulz

It is exceedingly thoughtless to send a young boy out on an urgent and important errand into a night like that because in its semiobscurity the streets multiply, becoming confused and cinnnamon. For all that, it has moments of brilliance that made me understand why Schulz is revered in Poland, not least by Olga Tokarczuk, author of the wonderful Flights.

It was a kind of loggia, connecting by two or three steps shopa the town square, an offshoot, as it were, of that square, where a few items of furniture were arranged on the pavement.

Comparison’s have been made between Schulz and Franz Kafka. Bruno Schulz is drawing inspiration from his childhood, but his writing leaves the reality at some point and wanders into imagination, blossoming into an explosion of smells and rich imagery.

Those gardens, the further they extended, slowly gave way to parks of many trees, and they to forests. I could see through the arches of the corridor a large glazed door at the far end of a great parlour, leading onto a terrace. Likened to Kafka, the book as a w I discovered Bruno Schulz through an amazing short story by contemporary author Helen Maryles Shankman.

The Street of Crocodiles by Bruno Schulz

In he briefly studied architectu Bruno Schulz was a Polish writer, fine artist, literary critic and art teacher of Jewish descent. Dec 07, Gustavo Offely rated it it was amazing. In the middle of the day, when the sun was relatively shining well I was reading a narration of a wintry night from this book and at the end of my reading Achulz was fully convinced of the book than the real climate outside of my window! A third favorite is “The Gale” where Schulz truly lets his scgulz run free.


Jan 26, Sofia rated it it was amazing Shelves: Having gone a few steps, I realized I had left my overcoat behind. The role of the demiurge in the forging of reality. Even though I found The Street of Crocodiles nearly impossible when I first read it, I now find myself thinking of this book often.

I’m sure that I had only ordered enough pastries for Rudy and me, but when I looked into the paper bag, I realised I had enough food for the entire family. I went up to it, lifted it upright, and brushed off the ash and dust. A coachman leaned out from his high seat.

He cheerfully made some reply and threw the reins onto my knees, not even drawing the carriage to a halt. It joins the ranks of my immortal loves. Bruno Schulz was a Polish writer who was finishing a novel entitled Messiah when he was shot by German Nazi in The first evening, my grandfather asked, “Can you remember one of my stories?

The Street of Crocodiles – Wikipedia

Conjecture easily changes into certainty, the obvious into illusion; possibilities materialize. We sit patiently like spiders in a web, waiting for an unsuspecting reader to come along, and then we roll about laughing as they scroll back and forth scanning the autocorrected words in a state of the greatest perplexity. Just intermittently rereading one of my absolute favorites The gaps that result have to be surmised by the vague guesses and suppositions of review readers and we always offer our sympathy for the predicament they find themselves in, especially if they feel called upon to comment after reading.

The correct street must lead along the other side of those houses, I thought to myself, where their entrances are. What were your childhood ideas regarding the candy shops or shops with exotic items?

There was a beautiful segment about being lost inside a school, and I think the end of the world happened. His father is in a constant battle with the malign forces who constantly seek to reign in his restless imagination. I heard my father’s voice during the intermissions in these prophetic tirades. While my younger brother drank his treats down, I sat patiently, criss cross on the floor, and slid each candy coated jewel from it’s pouch onto the ground before me.


There is always hope that someday it will been found. There were fire engines at the corner, but they weren’t letting them in. In the postwar period, Schulz came to teach drawing in a Polish gymnasium, from to He died for the most banal of reasons.

I read in another review somewhere an analogy that one could not read much at a time because it would be like sitting down to a 7-course meal of rich chocolate. Bruno Schulz himself has given us permission and we defy anyone to remove us.

This short brilliant co As we manipulate everyday words, we forget that they are fragments of ancient and eternal stories, that we are building our houses with broken pieces of sculptures and ruined statues of gods. Lent wings by my desire to visit the cinnamon shops, I turned into a street that I knew — flying more than walking, anxious not to go the wrong way.

Cinnamon Shops

Not a trace of the shops. You don’t read Schulz for the plot; you read for the prose, the intensely sensual visuals, the way the words unfurl like the leaves sxhulz a magical vine.

But the task will certainly involve excluding some of those many impressions, and I can sense already that I’ll have a rebellion on my hands as rogue thoughts steal into the review while I’m asleep. Perhaps the city and the marketplace had ceased to exist, and the gale and the night had surrounded our house with dark stage props and some machinery to imitate the howling, whistling and groaning