A cotillion is a Regency dance where you change partners, and Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion is a Regency Romance where everybody twirls and. The first book I assigned my continuing education class on Georgette Heyer at NC State was Regency Buck. The second was Cotillion, which I. Cotillion is not one of Georgette Heyer’s most well-known novels, nor is it one of the famous ones that get trotted out when trying to explain.

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Oh, do buy this! This site uses cookies. But Jack really is the most convincing conventional hero, the scoundrel that in all romances written today would up to the last chapter still be in the running, evil schemes be dammed – he has laughing eyes!

Warning there may be spoilers for in this review.

Cotillion: A Review of a Georgette Heyer Novel | Jane Austen’s World

Excellently read by Phyllida Nash, I lapped it up. She was coniving, charming, well-meaning, likeable, troublesome and sweet! As the plot thickens, we are treated to one priceless scene after another, including those of Kitty dragging Freddy to all the Sights of London. This is not that book. The fun part of Cotillion is the love interest and “hero” – and you must find out who that is on heeyr own.

cotililon There is just something about a good Georgette Heyer book. Any time Freddy — a favourite Heyer hero of mine — opens his mouth I am delighted. Heyer’s research is meticulous and paints a rich picture of Georgian life as a background to the story.


If you like humour, sparkling repartee, georfette, mystery, and rapturous romance then don’t go past Georgette Heyer regency fiction. I read this many years ago and remembered loving it. Last but not least, Freddy Standenwho is on his way to Arnside, but has no idea of the trouble looming ahead of him.

I liked her much better than Arabella, though. This was the first Georgette Heyer I read; given to me by my mother when I was about sixteen.

Honestly, this book is just so good, I can’t recommend cotillin enough. As his fianced bride, she has all the reason in the world to go to London and reaquaint herself with her “new family. Kit, the heroine, started off a little bit shaky with me, but once Heyer decided what she wanted to do with her character, I adored her.

Miss Catherine ‘Kitty’ Charing – the heroine. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I love this book! And they are wearing the test of time. I think whatever you’re in the mood for heydr, Heyer can almost always take you there.

The title is clever as well, delineating the romantic entanglements that four couples dance through in the novel – with one couple being a surprise, last-minute addition. And Olivia, of course, just happens to be one of those people Kitty meets and tries to help.

Breathlessly whirling with Georgette Heyer’s Cotillion

Kitty really was quite adorable. She’s always deft with her handling of the handsome hero and pretty but destitute heroine plot, but Cotillion goes beyond the ordinary with lovely side characters and issues which all go to further the reality she’s taking Kitty — and us — into. Cotillion is Heyer’s best book because its hero is totally unlike her standard, rather annoying, heroes.


So many beyer characters in this book! Kitty is not to be deterred, so she enters into a sham engagement — partly to make Jack jealous, partly to get away from her dreadful guardian and stay in London, and partly to get trousseau money so she can go shopping.

View all 8 comments. Published November 4, And the male characters all sounded far to much alike. With an introduction to the household of her impromptu fiancee’s sister Meg, the girl is ready to take the Ton by storm. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.

My credits are now disappearing faster than a snowflake in Hawai as I work through all my favourite Heyer titles. One of my favorite scenes was when Freddy was discussing politics with his father. Freddy could very well be out there–realistic and dreamy at the same time–and as Kitty says: Freddy Standen is rich, good-natured, unaware of Uncle Matthew’s cptillion, and has no intention of marrying.