: Emblaze (Embrace) (): Jessica Shirvington, Rebecca Macauley: Books. Emblaze (Violet Eden Chapters / Embrace, book 3) by Jessica Shirvington – book cover, description, publication history. The third installment of the Embrace series doesn’t shine quite as brightly as its predecessors, but fans will still find plenty to enjoy as Violet and.

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I’m excited to see what’s next. Shirvungton the time she had spent deliberating over when to tell him everything-how to explain he would grow old while she would merely age a few years. This book was amazing! Finally some Vi and Linc action! This book was action packed and I enjoyed the role Phoenix played, it was cool getting to see things from his point of view.

He tilted his head once in mute confirmation that carried remorse. Her selflessness is very admirable. This series is not getting to jessiva part, where I’m going to ball my eyes out.

Emblaze (Violet Eden Chapters / Embrace, book 3) by Jessica Shirvington

Hold Tight Cherie Colyer. I could gush about these books all day. Can’t wait till Endless and hope Phoenix gets something good out of all of it.

Through the three books in this series that I have read I have loved Lincoln and Violet and thought that there reason for fighting their attraction to one another was well done and believable. Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. shitvington

I am done with the back and forth. Fans of the series will LOVE this. One of the most heart wrenching books I’ve read, this is the best installment of The Violet Eden Chapters yet. I mean when Rudyard died and Nyla was left like an empty broken shell, well who could blame them?

I also read in one of Jessica’s interviews that there might be more than sshirvington books which I shirvintgon be happier about. Broken Embrace Dana Mason. Usually when teenage girls feel that they have no choice but to do something stupid if they had just talked to someone about it everything would have been solved in the first ten pages, and I am normally so emblazd I want to slap them or throw the book across hsirvington room.


Videos About This Book. I laugh I cry I fist pump in the air am turning pages faster than I can read am in love with so many of the characters am left hessica to know more am now having withdrawals!

Preview — Emblaze by Jessica Shirvington. The scene where Lincoln and Violet are forced to kiss is so beautifully written. Spence is also what of my favorite characters. Now Violet has something Phoenix – the exiled angel who betrayed her – will do anything for, and she has no intention of letting it fall into his hands.

If the Exiles obtain the scripture that the Grigori possess then Lilith will be summoned. Shirvington once again takes Griffin and his crew with him on the plane to somewhere, thankfully a different destination, Greece. It makes sense if u constantly keep that in mind. Her head lifted, now more determined.


I have never been pulled in so much by a series although I have read many many amazing books, I have never woken up to feel my heart feel like it has broken every time I remember what Lincoln said while holding onto her in the volcano, that I have to go to the book a re read it, I had all the same reactions of violet when she knew her best friend was taken, The way Jessica has written these books made me feel that I WAS violet, I was quite shocked at myself And apart from the big and obvious questions about next book, I just have one First, Violet is prone to such hyperbole when describing the feelings that Lincoln ignites in her that it quickly shifts from steamy to comical.


He could see it in her eyes. She’s willing to sacrifice anything, even her own life, for those that she loves, and that is an ever present thing in this novel. PaperbackAUS Editionpages. Refresh and try again.

Sometimes it’s compelling and shocking, other times its cringe-worthy cheesiness had me rolling my eyes constantly. I also have come to really love the unique angel lore that Shirvington has so expertly weaved.

Again in this book there is a wealth of mythology and Jessica retells old tales weaving them into the Violet world seamlessly. View all 5 comments.

jsesica It was done-her ultimate joy now within her reach, just as her ultimate sacrifice extended its hand to her. It had everything that you could possibly want in a novel. Dec 09, Melanie rated it liked it Shelves: Anyone how has read this series would probably agree with me no guarantees here that the ‘we can’t be together’ is getting old.

Stand away, where I cannot sense you. Phoenix is still the boy you love to hate, only now almost morphing into someone you hate to love.

Emblaze (The Violet Eden Chapters, #3) by Jessica Shirvington

James looked at the doctor and watched, disconnected, as he responded with jjessica slightest shake of his head. It was a great burden to feel those emotions so strongly through a character, how strongly she felt about Linc and the turmoil she faced with choices of her family and friends. LOL Jessica Shirvington is amazing, these books are going places.

So I’ve always been in love with Phoenix and Eden, and I’m wondering if anyone knows any other YA books that consists of the main character falling for the guy thats evil or bad?? This book is full of insecurties. Van Arsdale, Peternelle, Published: Mar 05, Claudia rated it it was amazing Shelves: