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This manual contains information for the monochrome HP DesignJet plotters, C and C Plus plotters and the color HP DesignJet CM printers. View and Download HP Designjet cm user manual online. HP Designjet cm: User Guide. Designjet cm Printer pdf manual download. Also for: c. View and Download HP CM user manual online. HP DesignJet CM Printer User’s guide. CM Printer pdf manual download.

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For advice specific to your software, see either the documentation supplied with the driver or any Software Application Notes supplied with your printer.

Yellow Cyan Magenta Black Notice that each stall in the carriage has a dot indicating the color: Print a Test File The sample files explained in task 5 simply verify the operation of the printer itself. It is absolutely essential to load the cartridges with the printer switched ON, C A U T I O N otherwise you will get poor print quality and the reliability mwnual your cartridges will be impaired.

Designjet 755CM 36” (A0) Printer – Model B

If the message does not clear, turn the printer off, then on again to Enter try to clear the error message. Power cord The power cord supplied with your printer should desiggnjet the plug requirements for your area. The feature is called Merge Pen settings Merge off. Switch the printer off. USA 1Attn: For users with color-vision deficiencies: You must hold the media only by the edges and immediately release it when the printer is loading.

Page 40 Palette prints the Palette Demo, which is explained on page Click here for drivers. Film – Polyester matte film – B size 11 x inches – 40 sheets.

To Switch Between Color And Monochrome Affects next file sent Use the front-panel key shown 755xm to toggle between color and monochrome. Cable – Power supply cable – Has pin F connectors – Bushing – Rear slider rod bushing Spring loaded – Slides into the rear center of the carriage assembly.


HP parts for CB DesignJet CM Printer

Load Media Task 3: Resolution Matte Coated Paper gsm – 36″ mm x 45m – a heavyweight matte coated paper offering vivid colours and fast drying times. If the message is still displayed, record the alphanumeric code and have the printer serviced. PostScript files The answer is normally no, because the page size you have selected in your driver overrides the page size selected in the printer.

Page 38 Setting Up the Printer Task 4: Index identifying a page in, serial interface storing prints, interaction with nesting, changing settings, Sun, cables to connect, management, — configuring, — supplies. Remove the cartridge from its stall and discard it. Setting Up the Printer Task 7: Load Media To load sheet media, go to page All application users need read and write permissions for this directory.

Page 86 Working with Media and Cartridges Loading Media When the printer instructs you to close the roll cover, rewind the media stop in the direction shown by the large arrow below, to take up any slack in the roll.

Page 28 Setting Up the Printer Task 3: Explanation and Action Message Alignment error Resolution Matte Coated Paper gsm – 17″ mm x 45m – for consistent, striking colours, high-contrast blacks plus crisp graphics and text. Except on glossy media types, the printer will operate successfully in monochrome with just the black cartridge loaded, although the print quality may not be as good as if all cartridges were If you use the printer less than this, mabual is unlikely you will need to get it serviced.


Page 81 From the other end of the old roll, pull out the endcap B. Working with Media and Cartridges Loading Media When the printer instructs you to close the roll cover, rewind the media stop in the direction shown by the large arrow below, to take up any slack in the roll.

Pull the media over the top of the printer and lay it over the cutting track. You are experienced at installing printers. Welcome Connections Your printer comes with an HP JetDirect network interface card, for LAN connections, as well as hhp and parallel interfaces for a direct connection to your computer.

These documents can be ordered separately. Page Measure pattern Edge not found The printer could not find edge of media during loading procedure.

HP 755CM User Manual

For media details, see the table on page You can identify the colors of the cartridges by the part numbers on the boxes — Let go as soon as it starts to feed into the printer. Do not forget that, after you remove or reseat a cartridge, the printer will run its automatic cartridge alignment procedure — see page The normal line drawings of most CAD software do not contain raster Sharp lines s With the set to Auto or On in the front-panel menu, the printer Sharp lines may not always produce an addressable dpi print.

If the display is in short menu mode, you will notice that the screen shown after instruction below is displayed at this point, so go to instruction 5.

Load the Print Cartridges Yellow Cyan