The ink cartridge is very low and you want to replace it with a full cartridge for unattended printing. You can use the remaining ink in the first cartridge at a more . Get two printing systems—both mono and color—in one.(1 The versatile HP ( 1The HP Designjet T Printer series includes color and mono-only models. Buy HP Designjet T Monochrome Printer featuring Print D-Size Print In Seconds, Up To DPI Ethernet Connectivity. Review HP T

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Make sure that your environmental conditions temperature, humidity are in the recommended range. Kit – Hardware kit – Monochome various tools and screws to assemble the stand assembly. In some cases, you can overcome a print-quality problem merely by selecting a higher print-quality level. Lines print double or in the wrong colors This problem can have various visible symptoms:. Remove an dseignjet cartridge Ink cartridges should be removed for the following two reasons:.

Roll cover bi-stable springs left and right – For Designjet printers. Check that the setting is what you wanted. See Functional specificationsFunctional specifications.

The print is scuffed or scratched The black ink pigment can be scuffed or scratched when touched by a finger, a pen or some other object. Furthermore, the printer is optimized for long, unattended print runs thanks to its compatibility with long media rolls external roll diameter up to 7. Maintenance Kit – Preventive maintenance monochrrome assembly – Includes rewinder gear and motor, hub support and adaptor, paper feed bake, mpnochrome sensor, media axis motor, drive roller encoder kit, drive roller gears and driver roller brake kit.

If you have defined a custom page size that has very narrow margins, the printer might impose its own minimal margins and clip your image slightly. White spots on the print You may notice white spots on the print. Sensor – Encoder sensor kit g7100 Includes the encoder strip – For inch plotters. Optimization suggested actions This option suggests a series of recommended actions to improve print quality, based on the results of internal checks.

Check your USB or network cable.

HP Designjet T7100 and T7100 Monochrome Printer Series – Remove an ink cartridge

Gear – Drive roller gear overdrive gear monocchrome – Includes roller brake assembly. If you try to print a larger image, the bottom of the image will be clipped.


Most-common issues resolution This option is designed to help you resolve some of the most common print-quality issues that users encounter in large-format printing:. If the problem persists despite all the above actions, contact your customer service representative for further support. The first two tools can also be accessed from the front panel’s Image quality maintenance menu. Select the custom print-quality options in the driver dialog, and try turning on the Maximum detail option if available.

Cover – Lamp cover – Fluorescent lamp access cover. Printwr to the front panel and select the Ink menu iconthen Printhead information to see the printhead alignment status. Front-panel ink cartridge empty.

To avoid this problem:. Through the Embedded Web Server: Polyester film is about ten times more dimensionally stable than paper. Set the Print Quality slider to Quality. This setting determines how long the printer waits for the computer to send more data, before deciding that the job is finished. Enter new zip code to refresh estimated delivery time. Slider – Right side slider – Includes the Indexer.

Lines are blurred Figure: If you change the print-quality settings, reprint your job if the problem has been solved.

HP Designjet T Printer(CQA)| HP® United States

Asia Pacific and Oceania. The print is distorted or unintelligible The interface cable that is connecting your printer to your network or to your computer might be faulty. The output is completely blank If the front-panel graphic language setting is Automatic the defaulttry the other settings: Black ink comes off when you touch the print This problem may be caused by printing with matte black ink on glossy paper.

Be the first to review this item. Lines are too thick, too thin or missing Figure: There’s no need to worry about smudging thanks to HP’s renowned fast-drying smudge and smear-free ink. In extreme cases, aeroworms give the image a wood-grain appearance. Bracket – Foot assembly – Includes one foot and one support tube. The output contains only a partial print If you pressed Cancel before the printer received all the data, you ended the data transmission and will have to print the page again.

Pulling out the ink cartridge drawer.


Depending on the software, drivers, and RIPs that you are using with your printer, different ways to solve this problem exist. Cover – Right side cover – Includes the front panel – For the copier assembly. The paper is not flat If the paper does not lie flat when it comes out of the printer, but has shallow waves in it, you are likely to see defects in the printed image, such as vertical stripes.

Plus, embedded job accounting makes it easy to track usage and manage costs Pginter assured, this printer is easy to integrate, manage, and secure Print confidently, knowing this Designjet supports the next generation of mainstream applications and formats Manage your printing costs more effectively with embedded job accounting functionality.

Line lengths are inaccurate If you have measured your printed lines and find that the lengths are not sufficiently accurate for your purposes, you can try to improve line length accuracy in the following ways. Troubleshooting tools To access the troubleshooting tools in the Embedded Web Server, select the Support tab. Modify your browser’s settings to allow Javascript to execute.

HP parts for CQA DesignJet T Monochrome Printer

Check that you are printing on the correct side of the paper. Brace – Left-side arc assembly – Brace that is used for the cover assemblies to connect onto. Check that the paper type you have loaded corresponds to the paper type that you selected on the front panel and in your software.

Asia Pacific and Oceania. Plus, it can run unattended, enabling you to focus on customers-not your printer Enjoy high-speed, unattended printing Radically simplify and speed up your entire workflow Save time and expense-versus costly LED printing-with low-maintenance HP inkjet printing Produce monochrome CAD drawings for the same cost as your current LED prints-and even use laser paper Impress customers with crisp, accurate renders, professional images on photo paper, and presentations Explore the broad HP printing materials portfolio-consistent, high-quality results save time and money Load different media on 3 different rolls.