In Defense of Global Capitalism has ratings and 28 reviews. Natasha said: Full of cherry-picked statistics which totally gloss over the reality of un. In Defense of Global Capitalism fully accomplishes the goal revealed by its title. Here, Swedish historian and political writer Johan Norberg. With hard facts, statistics and simple graphs, Johan Norberg explains why capitalism is in the process of creating a better world. But the book is also personally.

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He ignores the period ofwhich is when the liberalisation laws were actually brought in. Quotes from In Defense of Glo Jul 28, Alex Chatziliadis rated it did not like it. The USA wanted to open up Chile’s rich natural resources to exploitation by multinational corporations.

In Defense of Global Capitalism is a shining example of what a gifted mind pf do working with the truth to advance the cause of capitalism, which in the end capitalsim the cause of every decent man and woman”. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

This is because of economic and technological development that is the result of free market policies. But for somebody, who thinks that “globalization” is a swear-word, this might be an eye opener. The case of Latin America.

Federation Press – Book: In Defence of Global Capitalism

I think he does a great job of presenting pretty strong empirical, theoretical and ethical arguments for global capitalism in an accessible and convincing manner. Living standards and life expectancy has risen fast in most places. He offer many defensd examples as well as history lessons, particularly about Scandinavian countries and Sweden, and how poor they were until they started to move from feudalism to capitalism. It can be no accident that not one but two glamorous young pro-capitalists have emerged in Europe over the past year.


He glosses over some of the messiness and challenges of globalization, and there were some empirical claims that are debatable. Anne Applebaum of Washington Post wrote: I decided to read this despite beginning to watch one of his Youtube videos about the topic. This is not conspiracy theory, this is real history!

In Defense of Global Capitalism

References to this book Diversity und Diversity-Management im Unternehmen: As ofthe book has been translated into a dozen of languages including: Unlike other authoritarian regimes in the region, Chile replaced its authoritarian economic policy with liberalisation and free trade about I didn’t see the appeal of this book.

By choosing to compare from post-liberalisation to post-socialisation but claiming the nprberg happened in the opposite orderNorberg tries to convince the reader that it was the free trade policies that were responsible for those improved statistics. I’ m afraid the author is missing contact to reality.

Be the first to ask a question about Cappitalism Defense of Global Capitalism. Granted, the original Swedish version was published in and the data may be old, but I still think it provides a great framework for viewing globalization and points to metrics that readers can get updated data on themeslves.

In fact I did not finish the book, as it did bring a few new things for me. Aug 26, Bernard M. Let them keep their tariffs. Though, not of his own fault, but the collectivisation of the society because dsfense his beloved “democracy”. Exciting description for why we need capitalism or free trade, free market and etc.

In any case if you are pro or contra capitalism, according to what i have read so far in other books concerning the same subject, not worth spending time reading it. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.


In Defence of Global Capitalism

This book will change the debate on globalization in this country and make believers of skeptics There are definitely legitimate empirical and theoretical challenges that can be made to Norberg’s defense of global capitalism. Selected pages Title Page. Views Read Edit View history. Just unreadable by anyone who can be bothered to fact-check.

I really really really want to like this book but it’s just so hard. Read the swedish version. Books by Johan Norberg. Open Preview See a Problem?

No trivia or quizzes yet. Essential reading for the anti-capitalists. Finally, Ryan, I’m cracking this open But that’s why this book is so frustrating. Good rebuttal of recent attacks on capitalism, with supported data on capitalism success in fighting poverty globally, lots of well researched topics.

Every paragraph is like this: Atlas Economic Research Foundation. Johan Norberg showed, over 10 years before Piketty, case after case how solutions based on the respect of private property and classical capitalizm ideas have improve the lives of people all over the world.

Many interesting and great tables, figures and facts with inspiring ideas for scholars capitalidm students. Unlike other authoritarian regimes in the region, Chile replaced its authoritar Full of cherry-picked statistics which totally gloss over the reality of unfettered capitalism. It’s a brilliant book, argued with lucid facts, and a fantastic contribution to the literature of classical liberalism.