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KS from Samsung Semiconductor Division. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. ERMFB-1 is character module 8×1 lcd display datasheet,KS or equivalent controller,wide temperature and view angle,fstn lcd,blue backlight,5v power. KS datasheet, KS circuit, KS data sheet: SAMSUNG – 16COM / 40SEG DRIVER & CONTROLLER FOR DOT MATRIX LCD,alldatasheet.

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I followed their initialization routine, and I can get the cursor to blink and everything, but then I wasn’t able to write any characters. The controller appears to still be looking for an 8 bit instruction instead of two 4 bit instructions. As it turned out, Enable 2 was in the wrong position and all datasheeh the four data lines were shifted by one position.

ks Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., ks Datasheet

Please, log in or register. Debug breakpoints automatically disabled 16F88 cannot set internal oscillator frequency beyond EastRising gives the promise to every customer to every product we sell on this web store.

Parts tamper ed with by grinding, engraving, drilling, cutting or applying coatings of any kind. I’ve had good success with serial LCDs, but cannot find them in 4×40 size.

My suspicion is that because these commands are lower in value on the LSB side of a bytethat I’m only successful with them because the MSB nibble is getting chopped off. Evidence of damage caused by operating datsheet of specified temperature range. Doesn’t matter which one, I would appreciated it if you posted both.


KS0066 Datasheet PDF

Determining the correct pinouts was another challenge as they were not stated as correct on the company’s website. As “compatible” as they may be stated as being, there appears to be some differences. We do not give refunds, credit memos. I figured this situation out with continued diligence. Guest Super Member Total Posts: Of course, we wouldn’t just leave you with a datasheet and a “good luck!

Warranty is void and no repair or replacement is granted under the following conditions:. Let me know what you need and I will post.

All products are covered under our limited warranty, which provides all products are free of functional defects for a period of datwsheet year from the date of shipment and all products are free of visual defects and missing parts for a period of 30 days from the date of shipment. I’d like to know if anyone has had success with this controller and what the trick was.

Character Module 8×1 LCD Display Datasheet KS0066 Black on Blue

It can be used in any embedded systems,industrial device,security,medical and hand-held equipment. The initialization routine is given on page 29 of this online manual: Eatasheet In or Register to comment. Thank you very much.


We will, at our option, either a repair the product using new or refurbished parts, or b replace the product with a new or refurbished product. We fill most small quantity orders immediately.

Any help with LCD driver KS/S6A? | Microchip

We understand you probably worry whether we still offer the display after your long development time. I traced the problem and it turns out the ‘busy signal’ never goes low after initialization, which I could only think it means the initialization isn’t complete.

It powers up fine, I get the two dark lines on lines 1 and 3 and I have the contrast POT working fine. So you don’t have to worry even your research time is very long.

If anyone has ever worked with this, please help me so I can get out of here it’s friday night for God’s sake. Forums Posts Latest Posts.

Quick Links Categories Recent Discussions. Here is some C code that works with C18 compiler and 18f chip. Add to that the fact that the second controller was not responding, I know I could have had up to three pin connections wrong. Please post your sample code if you don’t mind, that would be most appreciated.