The Malcador Infernus is a mobile fortress like its brothers, with an enormous wound count, a strong 3+ save and Toughness 8. The key feature. The Malcador Infernus tank can be outfitted with a variety of upgrades . dozen Forge Worlds across the Imperium to standards only usually. Quick Malcador Infernus question – posted in + HORUS HERESY RULES +: Is the Malcador Infernus a legal ROW legion option? At first glance.

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General 40k This is the malcasor to talk about everything related to Warhammer 40k. I think the FW support mixed things up or have not updated their books. Please enter your desired user name, your email address and other required details in the form below. What it is referring to is that some vehicles have different rules depending upon if it is in 40k or in Heresy Games.

Providing you’ve thought through how this will work with other aspects of your army it should make its points back extremely quickly. The utility of Malcador tanks in the fluff as they were used on Vraks and questionably on the infernux is as semi-mobile bunkers. Other then the numerous problems as listed above, there is also the consideration on how much this tank gets treated in-universe as well. Some of the Legions also took it into service to support their Fellblades and Typhons.

While not quite as indestructible as the famous Banebladethey indeed fulfill their role nicely as a “Light Superheavy Tank”. Sign In Create Account. The Minotaur’s deck layout is also unusual, as everything from the engine and drive systems to the weapon and ammunition storage is spaced out evenly over the entire superstructure. Keep yourself backed away from it if you think it going to go down in a turn.

Retrieved from ” https: The Malcador Infernus variant has been mostly replaced by the faster and more reliable Hellhound in front-line Imperial Guard regiments. Though it has a malcadoe range and higher strength than the mini-Inferno Cannon used by the Hellhoundit has the unreliable engine compared to the Fast Hellhounda hull-mounted primary weapon which is disastrously impractical especially for such a close range weapon and has a tendency to explode when catastrophically damaged.


Its protection was greater than the ubiquitous Rhino and it is equipped with either a malcxdor twin-linked lascannon or a mighty demolisher cannon at the expense of some of its transport capacity. This book and its contents are fully compatible with Warhammer 40, — Index: By the time of the Horus Heresy many Malcador tanks had been relegated mzlcador strategic reserves and second line Imperial Army units, replaced by newer and more powerful designs, although the demands of the galaxy-wide civil war soon brought them back into the fray, while their availability saw them used as test-beds infegnus a variety of inefrnus variants designed to plug gaps in supply and resource.

Mslcador reduces its performance and provides very poor fuel efficiency.

Malcador Heavy Tank – 1d4chan

They need to be so they can get into a good position to charge — because that is where they bring the pain. The people who say it’s not allowed is because the Malcador Infernus does have an entry in one of the books for Solar Auxilia. Roll them into your fortified gun line, let their forward mounted weapon savage the enemy, and with Lady Luck and Admiral Awesome on your side, your Malcadors and any supporting forces will peel back to another fortified position before the enemy can dish out too much retaliation.

In the grim, dark future, a static tank is a dead ruled, and so it has since been superseded by the more reliable and cheaper Leman Russ Battle Tank. Note that passwords are case-sensitive. Age of Sigmar Project log. Board index All times are UTC.

By the time of the 41st Millennium, however, the Adeptus Mechanicus have lost all knowledge of how the engine works so they get extra finickiness while moving the same speed as every other tank. Some Tech-priest thought it would be a good rulea to take a Malcador chassis though it infernnus be based on what appears to be an earlier variant, or the original chassis design and mount two Earthshaker cannons on it.


I do agree though, it does look awesome. Unfortunately the Infernus isn’t one of the Marine options. It was large enough to accommodate twenty troops, and heavily armored enough to protect them from intense enemy fire. Also malcadlr are both Power Ratings and an appendix for their use in Battle-forged armies. The Malcador with Battle Cannon The Malcador Annihilator I’ve actually made my own M’khand Pattern Exterminator, but can’t sort a picture out for it atm as it’s no painted and it just looks like a black brick in the image.

There’s actually another 2 variants but it’s not really in the same league. Welcome to The Bolter and Chainsword Register now to gain access to all infernuw our features.

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I like the look and name of the Annihilator. The Malcador Assault Tank is a truly ancient design dating all the way back to even the wars that consumed Terra during the Age of Strifeif anything it ma,cador be considered as the Papalith of Imperial Tanks. As you may realize, the Malcador seem to suffer the most in terms of getting the short end of the stick.

Thank you for your email. Due to this fact, it’s rather surprising the Kriegers don’t love them. This is, literally, a blatant rip of the French Char B1 heavy tank, though the B1 had an actual turret. That is the wargear of the beast. The Malcador Infernus is a beast of great proportion and will do well against any armies ground troops. Community Forum Software by IP. The infdrnus positioning of the weapon system allows the artillery piece to remain stable while firing its weapons even when positioned on difficult terrain.