This is a combination of Filter and Dryer unit in single equipment to achieve economy in process and energy thereby improving profitability. This equipment can. The De Dietrich Process Systems Nutsche Filter and Filter-Dryer technology is particularly suited to meet the stringent requirements of the pharmaceutical and. Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer is a cylindrical, vertical closed vessel made as per For stirring near filter media to keep it clear of sedimentation and automated.

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Pressure balance line is kept open to avoid cloth ballooning. This design is good for vacuum as well as high pressure applications. Offered in a wide range of filtration area capacities upto The “S” type self centering blades are made from heavy sections to handle liquid as well as solids.

Unlike vacuum drying, it does not require agitation. It has fi,ter movements; each movement, either single or in combination is designed to carry out specific operations. Displacement washing serves several purposes — it removes the liquid and its impurities while keeping the cake intact and it replaces the previous liquid with fresh liquid.

Upward movement Operated by hydraulic cylinders at constant speed to assist mixing. The process is stopped when nutscge are visible, or can be continued until all the liquid is pushed out. Plug type side discharge valve is provided near the filter plate. A filter plate is located at the base of the vessel in level with the discharge port to facilitate maximum cake removal.


Agitated Nutsche Filter and Filter-Dryer

Filter-Dryers have numerous dryef From Please enter Mobile Number. Sterile filter-dryers For products requiring sterile manufacturing conditions, filter-dryer can be specifically designed to include stem-in-place SIP capabilities, and eliminate all internal dead spaces. A general rule of thumb to follow is that the maximum solids height should be equal or less than the agitator stroke, typically 12 – 20 inches. The stirrer blades are lowered to agitate the slurry to obtain good cake hutsche.

This design is good for vacuum and very low pressure application. Compare Quotations and seal the deal. The Agitated Nutsche filter is a Nutsche type filter designed to separate solids from liquids under controlled conditions.

The vessel can be made completely leak-proof for vacuum or pressure service. If you’d like to talk with a sales representative about purchasing De Fklter Process Systems’s products and services, you can reach us here.

Specially designed, slow speed, robust agitator assembly is mounted on vessel. Downward movement Operated by hydraulic cylinders with variable speed to assist squeezing and discharging.

Agitated Nutsche Filter – Wikipedia

Cake Discharging Valve is circular-plug type,welded on the shell just above the filter plate,When closed,it takes exact shape of the vessel. To enhance filtration rate and to keep filter media clean from initial sedimentation, the agitator can be brought down to its down most position and to be kept on rotating in forward direction.

Moreover, performing all operations in an enclosed system assures consistent product quality, simple validation as well as the required operational safety.

Various materials of construction including L stainless steel, Alloy 20, C and others. At the closing stage of the filtration process described above, the stirrer blades are lowered on the cake surface.


Designed as per customer requirements:. When most of the filtrate is sucked dreyr, the cake is deposited on the filter bed. Wash liquid is sprayed into the chamber on cake through a spray ring.

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Agitated Nutsche Filter Dryer. Designed and built by De Dietrich – perfect integration with your filter-dryer. Key features and advantages: Special Heel removal discharge valve A specially designed quick openable discharge valve which allows much closer access to interior of machine for heel removal is also available.

From an environmental and personal health perspective, safety is maintained throughout the process. This is a combination of filter and dryer unit in single equipment to achieve economy in process, space and energy thereby improving profitability.

These conditions are excellent vryer contamination free operations maintaining purity and hygiene. This arrangement can assist in quick changing of filter cloth and product change. There are certain applications where the desired product to be discharged is not a dry solid.

Subscribe today and receive weekly or monthly notifications when new blog posts are published: This next step may be used after any filtration or wash, especially after the final wash, when gas is blown through the cake.