“Andy Nyman is my favourite Mentalist in the world. And, his own book, Bulletproof, containing many of Andy’s edgy, dark, hilarious, and odd routines, was an. 25 Mar Announcing Andy Nyman’s new book: BULLETPROOF. “Nyman is my man. A new book full of his twisted and wonderful thinking will be a. Andy Nyman – Bulletproof PDF SOLD OUT Edited by Todd Karr Preface by David Berglas Foreword by Derren Brown “A beautifully produced.

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That sure worked out well for you. Frankly, I cannot say. It was a most enjoyable Christmas season, with family all in one place, and with more ancy under the tree than I’ve had time to read. So much so – more than two years – that many purchasers were quite upset and understandably so.

The Magic Cafe Forums – Andy Nyman’s Bulletproof

Dick Cavett is an incorrigible name dropper, a la Kreskin, and I think this is because he is still that shy young everyman from Nebraska who was genuinely surprised to find himself a Yale graduate and in true awe of the many celebrities he met and befriended, most notably bulletptoof other young magician from Nebraska, Johnny Carson.

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Although his assailant has a free choice of the order of the weapons, Andy still determines exactly where each one was hidden. I’d have liked more weapon cards for Witness for the Prosecutionbecause they could be used for other tricks including The Dead ZoneI thinkbut that is just bulletprkof.

He tends to favour relatively simple methods.

Do I really need to say anything more? His acting career is really taking off, and I suspect that there might not be a lot more magic to come from “The Diamond” but I hope Hulletproof am wrong.


Todd Karr produced it American Ah! Unfortunately, due to a variety of reasons, most of which were not bulletpropf Todd Karr’s control, the book was famously delayed. But now the book is out and Karr has delivered on his promise and more so. It is worth its high price. Pagethe photograph captions bear no relevance to the photographs on that page.

Hope you enjoy it and that you didn’t try to order this too late, or you’ll be kicking yourself for a very long time.

Nymsn True Story Fight Dirty! He teaches basic tricks that bare little resemblance to the work he’s known for. Return to Reviews – Books and other printed formats. Where I think Andy excels is his presentation. View our Frequent Questions.

Winner of the Dumbringer Award for total incompetence. Read our privacy policy. I found myself re-reading sections not because I wanted to refresh my memory of the method, or to pick up some nuance in the technique, but simply because I enjoyed reading them.

To this add a cornucopia of ideas on sponge balls, coins, cups and balls loads, linking rings, applause cues, strategies for organizing your gaffed decks and your notes, math stunts, bar bets, finger puzzles, anecdotes, even a sneaky way to steal a kiss.

As a kicker, he again tips his hand to show he actually predicted it on the back of the target.

I won’t be using any of those in my performances, though. The book features ten essays on Andy’s theories of magic and mentalism; his three lecture notes with revised effects and new photo illustrations; and updates and improvements on some of his best previously published effects, plus in-depth interviews, a preface by David Berglas, and foreword by Derren Brown.

A funny video from Mac King explains how to use it. In this Penguin Live lecture, Andy Nyman shows you why he’s a highly-respected performer and teacher as he shares a few of his favorite routines using them to illustrate important performance concepts, how to engage an audience, get the most out of your methods, build to a big reaction, and more!


Failure to do this will result in a delayed or failed transaction. I think that almost all of them are very good indeed, and many are excellent. First, the blurb says that book is pages. Also, quite a lot of the material from the lecture notes was featured in the Get Nyman DVD, so Bulletproof represents the third time out for some of the content.

Some of those are not tricks, but observations, mini-essays or the like. RichardShure Veteran user Posts. The Dead Zone 2. As you can see, these routines are structurally solid with surprising twists and sure-fire methods.

Thanks for making the production values so high on the book. You won’t be sorry. Inevitably, some errors slipped in, including a photograph that accidentally bears a caption from The Gourmet Coin Trick. Roberto Giobbi’s new book of days, Secret Agendaboasts something of magical interest for every day of a day year.

Andy Nyman: Bulletproof – The Genii Forum

Failure to do this will result in an unsuccessful transaction. The reprinted magazine articles are interesting. These effects have been revised, and in many cases the descriptions are now accompanied by photographic illustrations.

Steve Bryant is an obscure magician and writer who generates this site from an blletproof in Bloomington, Indiana. The quality of both the glossy paper it is printed on and the binding is top-notch.