Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could destroy them in this darkly exquisite novel in the #1 New York Times bestselling Carpathian series. Read “Dark Peril” by Christine Feehan with Rakuten Kobo. Two lovers are bound by the very desires that could destroy them in this darkly exquisite novel in the. 9 Sep The gripping new novel in Christine Feehan’s hugely popular ‘Dark’ Carpathian series.

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Welcome to Night Vale: All three caves showed evidence of occupation, however brief, but violent in some way. He was just so gentle with her, always putting HER needs first before his own. A Carpathian Novel Author s: He had every reason to be an arrogant, domineering jerk. They were both dreaming of their perfect mate, never knowing those weren’t dreams He was an ancient, an experienced warrior.

He stayed a moment while the rays of the sun sought him out through the cover of the canopy and rain, burning through his heavy cloak to raise blisters on his skin. The way Carpathian’s discover their lifemates is by hearing the woman speak. Piatkus Dark Legacy Christine Feehan.

Dark Peril by Christine Feehan

Andre Boroi has spent centuries battling the undead, holding out against the dark with honor. She came to him as if in a dream, shielded by a heavy veil, their exchanges in images more than words.

I really enjoyed the relationship that they shared. Timur Amurov has one purpose in life: The only thing that stands between the dark and the abyss is love.

I hope the next book is about Zacarias! We went from dominant, arrogant alpha Carpathians dictating to somewhat TSTL, fragile, and whiny heroines when the series started to dominant, arrogant alpha Carpathians trying to dictate to self-reliant, self-confident, kick-ass heroines that are as much warriors as their male counterparts and those male counterparts wouldn’t want them any other way.


He knew time was running out fast. Want to Read saving…. He’s the perfect killing machine–a man driven by demons so dark and destructive that his blighted soul has given up trying to find solace. He plans to get in prril, relay the information to the leader of the Carpathians living in the area and go out fighting — an honorable way to end his life.

Dominic is a good hero and I liked how easily he accepted Solange’s warrior spirit and how well they worked together. She has long been alone, fighting to save the remaining shapeshifters from the hands of Brodrick the Terrible: Another good Carpathian book, I really enjoyed the two leads Dominic and Solange.

Dark Peril

Yes No Thanks for your feedback! A margay shrank deeper into christinne foliage of a tall Kapok tree, its large eyes fixed on prey. Lair of the Lion. Information for Authors Press Booksellers and Distributors. View all 6 comments. They were both ready to die—one last mission a suicide one for him, while she knew sooner or later the Jaguar-men would catch up to her and she wouldn’t let herself be captured alive.

Heart of the Wolf. These are the things that keep me returning to Feehan. Then again, who wouldn’t want to leave a place like this with a woman like her?

They would never, under any circumstances, send their women out alone. It’s probably gone on way too long but I will continue to read it as long as she writes them. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout. Now, at the end of their time, they find each other–an obstacle neither can hope to ignore. So, I’m dying to see how this is resolved.


He knew he had slowly built his perol up in his mind—not her looks—but her characteristics, the traits that were important to him. Sharing more of themselves than they could in the real world. He could do this one last task and end his barren existence with honor.

A large part of the book deals with Solange’s battered heart, her fear of loving because she has lost nearly everyone she ever loved, and her fear of males because of the abuse ;eril has battled.

He pwril the night, no matter where he was, or what continent he was on. Their lives are destined to be together if they can survive the Dark Storm.

I found this story to be very refreshing, in that Dominic was so patient, and not borderline insane with the need to turn Solange fully Carpathian… I 4. Now we’re just treading through old territory again, and again Okay, I’m finally there. Until their dream lover became a reality.

Now, at the end of their time, they find each other – an obstacle neither saw coming, and which neither dagk hope to ignore. Now we’re just treading through old territory again, and again, and again.

Now he’s chritsine fearless and lethal Carpathian warrior with the blood of an ancient lineage coursing through his veins-a man Gabrielle still needs and desires and dreams of with every breath she takes. These characters are starting to grow on me more, now that I’ve given them a chance. Piatkus Judgment Road Christine Feehan.