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10 May To me, double block and bleed always sounded like a move out of the Cobra Kai karate dojo. Of course a double block and bleed valve has. A Block and bleed manifold is a hydraulic manifold that combines one or more block/isolate Applications that use DBB valves include instrument drain, chemical injection connection, chemical seal isolation, and gauge isolation. DBB valves. Our Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Valve range allow you to positively isolate both sides of the valve with a bubble-tight seal, and vent any excess medium.

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True Meaning of Double Block and Bleed

Emerson to Automate Sonatrach Gas Processing. Under normal conditions Figure 1 there is pressure on the upstream seal, which along with an internal spring keeps it energized. This type of Double Block and Bleed Valves have a patented design which incorporates two ball valves and a bleed valve into one compact cartridge type unit with Valvve B The pipelines where these valves are installed can also be pigged without any problems.

Chemical Production Continues to Edge Lo. Isolation for Condition 3 e.

Depending on the service conditions, it may be possible to use a single block Valve with a body bleed to provide double block and bleed dbg for onstream isolation of equipment.

A bleed Valve should be installed between the isolation Valve and the pressure-relief device to enable the system to be safely depressurized prior to performing maintenance. The minimum flow area of the outlet isolation Valve and the outlet area of the pressure-Relief Valve can be obtained from the isolation Valve manufacturer and the pressure-Relief Valve manufacturer respectively.


Upcoming Valve Industry Events Reprints. Other companies including within ExxonMobil and industries may do things differently and it is up to the users to determine the safety and suitability of a particular practice to their application, he says. Remember your cookie permission setting Essential: Remember your login details Analytics: The application of the table is driven primarily by the individual facility’s “isolation philosophy.

This outlet isolation shall never be closed while the vessel is in operation without using an inlet isolation Valve that has first been closed with the space between the inlet isolation Valve and the pressure-Relief Valve adequately depressured. Since improper use of vave isolation Valve may render a pressure-relief device inoperative, the design, installation, and administrative controls placed on cbb isolation block Valves should dbbb carefully evaluated to ensure that plant safety is not compromised.

Using a single double block and bleed valve system versus 3 separate valves saves installation time, weight on the piping system, and space. What is a Double Block and Bleed Valve?

Gate Valves with flexible wedges and with body or Bonnet bleed Valve can serve this purpose if specifically tested in accordance with API for double block and bleed quality Valves. You close the Ball Valve and open the bleeder. When using a DIB valve, then, an external relief system is needed to relieve pressure buildup.

The Double Block and Bleed Valve or a DBBV can perform the tasks of 3 separate Valves 2 separate isolations and 1 drain Valve which apart from being hugely space saving can also save on weight and time due to installation and maintenance practices requiring much less work and the operator being able to locate and operate all 3 Valves in one location.

Oliver Valves – Double Block and Bleed (DBB) Valves

Just upstream is a double block and bleed Dbbb – a trunnion-mounted Ball Valve with self-relieving seals and a bleed Valve to vent the cavity. No so fast, says Rudy Garza. Home Product Range Instrumentation Valves. Through years of innovation, we have taken our initial DBB concept and created a valve solution that is now being used all over the world by thousands of operators.


Cost saving on site – Our end-users only have to worry about the cost of one factory tested component, as opposed to different piping valves, instrument valves, flanges, connections and flanged seal rings and then the cost to raise purchase orders. This can xbb end users huge sums of money.


All these documents stem from the Piper Alpha disaster over 20 years ago and the P36 disaster in Brazil, both of which indicated double block and bleed as a marked improvement for safety. Smart, Data-Driven and Agile Post: Valve Basics Training to Expand in Post: In this trunnion-mounted ball valve with self-relieving seats which API 6D defines as a double block and bleed there is pressure on the upstream seal, but no pressure on the downstream side, so the only thing energizing the seal on that side is a spring.

First isolation is to a full piping valve ASME V specification, ball configurations whether they be standard 2-ball valves isolate and needle valve vent, 3-needle valves or 3-ball valves are all firesafe certified valves.

You close the ball valve and open the bleeder. A range of primary isolation valves – including Slimline valves.