Dena Paona [1][2](Bengali: দেনা পাওনা) is a Bengali film directed by .. Robi Thakurer Golpo is a series of adaptations of Rabindranath Tagore’s stories . 24 ডিস Title: Dena Paona; Filename: ; Format: PDF; File size: 68KB; Languages: Bangla; License: Free; Author: Rabindranath. Here is the ultimate site for reading and downloading bangla ebooks for free. Enjoy the flavour of bengali literature. To Download Any File Click Read More And.

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Believe me, I remember about it every time before visiting you, but then I forget about it somehow. It was the auspicious Mahapanchami or Mahashashthi day of the Durga Puja, and he remembered that the child had eagerly wanted to stroll in a wheelbarrow for quite some time now; but alas, who would fulfil his wishes? Dena Paona The Dowry Death.

Ramshundar had managed to get hold of someone who agreed to lend him the money with heavy interests. Newer Post Older Post Home. Finally, he kept down the hookah on the floor and came to the point.

The poor little girl did not have a single new sari to rabindrabath during the puja.

Finally, in the month of Ashwinwhen Durga Puja was just around the corner, his heart melted for Niru. As the days passed, Fabindranath became impatient to meet her father. But the news that he had brought along the money and that his daughter had forbidden him to give it to her in-laws did not remain a secret in rabindarnath house. His three elder sons, married and with children, pleaded to him and finally deterred him from selling the house.


With trembling hands, Ramshundar wrapped the three unwanted notes to the handkerchief and tied them to his shawl again, turning back to leave without meeting his beloved daughter. But soon, the bitter reality of his situation struck him, tahore he found out how overburdened he was, with the debts he had incurred. However, since he did not, Niru felt she had no right in the house. As for Niru, she had gauged the tremendous agony of her father while reading his face.

He knew of this excruciating poverty in his own family, and the thoughts overwhelmed him every day, while he had his daily dose of tobacco.

It was a recurring pain to keep distance from the debt collectors who would come looking after him. As beautiful as the family she belongs to. Bh this moment, his five year-old grandson clutched his knees with all his might and asked: Translated by Lopamudra Bannerjee.

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In her death-bed, Niru begged to her mother-in-law to see her father and brothers for one last time. Ramshundar had sold his house to arrange for the dowry money. Her husband, promoted to the position of a deputy magistrate, had to leave her to join his work a few days after their wedding.


In the meanwhile, everybody present at the scene witnessed a miracle. He pawned, and also sold most of his belongings, yet, after all his concerted attempts, he was short of some six or seven thousand.

They are not taught about the scriptures, or given any lessons on morality. Rabindranath Tagore Nirupama was born to her parents after her five elder brothers.

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Left with no other alternative, he started lending money from various sources with huge interests. Why would she like the food served by us poor folks? The funeral rites of Niru were performed with much pomp and grandeur. I came here to marry and will go away after marrying. She fetched one messenger after the other to enquire about him, but all of them returned without any news.

In a sudden impulse, he swore to himself to repay them the remaining amount of the dowry as soon as possible, by any conceivable means.

Ramshundar was unable to take the humiliation any longer, and that too, from his new relatives with whom he had hoped to forge a hearty connection. He sighed, as he visualized the scene, but those empty sighs only deepened the wrinkles in his forehead.