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Just three months after Hudaibiyah, Fatahnz, the major stronghold of the Jews, was conquered and after it the Jewish settlements of Fadak, Wad-il Qura, Taima and Tabuk also fell to Islam one after the other.

Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.

If at the time of every such trial he adopts the way faatahna sacrifice, his Faith progresses and develops, and if he turns away his Faith decays and deteriorates till a time may also come when the initial state of the Faith with which he had entered Islam is even endangered to be lost and destroyed. The Holy Prophet had dispatched a man of the Bani Ka’b as a secret agent so that he may keep him fully informed of the intentions and movements of the Quraish.

These were the blessings that the Muslims gained from the peace treaty which they were looking upon as their defeat and the Quraish as their victory.

And should sleep, and rise night and day, and the seed should spring and grow up, he knoweth not how. In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful. Afterwards Hadrat Umar continued to offer voluntary prayers and give aims so that Innz may pardon his insolence that he had shown towards the Holy Prophet on that occasion.

English – Transliteration

However, it is better to have the head shaved, for Allah has mentioned it first and then mentioned having the hair cut short. But that verse, in fact, does not apply to this, for it was sent down in connection with the Battle of Tabuk, and its period of revelation is three years after the period of revelation of Surah AI-Fat-h.

This is called Bai ‘at Ridwan. In verse 18, Allah has expressed His good pleasure for all those who took the pledge to the Holy Prophet, and in this also there is no exception. During his entire period of apostleship on no occasion had it ever happened that he should command his Companions to do a thing and they should not hasten to comply with it. Allah is well aware of all your actions.

This they thought would be a grave mistake, which would cause the ina Arabia to revolt against them. A vain and arrogant person’s face is different from the face of a humble, fagahna and unassuming person; an immoral person’s face is clearly distinguished from the face of a righteous and well-mannered person; and there is a marked difference between the facial appearance of a wicked man and of a noble and virtuous man.


Thus, within two years after Hudaibiyah the balance of power in Arabia was so changed that the strength of the Quraish and pagan gave way and the domination of Islam became certain. By admitting the right of pilgrimage to the House of Allah for the Muslims, the Quraish also admitted that Islam was not an anti-religious creed, as they had so far been thinking, but tatahna was one of the admitted religions of Arabia, and like the other Arabs, its followers also had the right to perform the rites of hajj and umrah.

But when the ambassador was put to death, the Muslims had no alternative but to prepare for war. That is why when the Companions saw that he took extraordinary pains over his worship, they would say: Allah has promised those of them, who have believed and done good works, forgiveness and a great reward.

One day the Inns Prophet saw in a fatahan that he had gone to Makkah with his Companions and had performed the umrah there. Those God-fearing women who encouraged their lnna, sons, brothers and fathers to ihna on the dangerous journey instead of stopping them from it and discouraging them by crying and wailing, who looked after their houses, their properties, their honor and children in their absence faithfully, who did not even feel fatwhna alarm lest at the lnna departure of 1, of the Companions the disbelievers and hypocrites of the surrounding areas would attack the city, should certainly have become equal partners with their men in the reward of Jihad fatzhna they stayed behind in their homes.

The Quran: Sūra XLVIII.: Fat-ḥ or Victory.: Section 1 ()

The people slaughtered their animals, shaved their heads or cut their hair short and put off the pilgrim garb, but their hearts were still afflicted with grief. Had these people been lacking in their sincerity of Allah and His Messenger and His Religion in any fatauna, they would have abandoned the Messenger on this extremely dangerous occasion, and Islam would have been vanquished for ever.

We were debarred from the House of Allah; our sacrificial camels also could not go to their right places; the Holy Messenger of Allah had to halt at Hudaibiyah, and in consequence of this truce two of our oppressed brothers Abu Jandal and Abu Basir were handed over to their oppressors.


Now, the Quraish no more insisted that they would disallow the Holy Prophet and his Companions to enter Makkah. These shortcomings are not known to fatahma one because the intellect is absolutely helpless to find out any weakness in that struggle. The righteous even among the polytheists also were saving that preventing the people who had come in the pilgrim garbs along with sacrificial camels from performing pilgrimage was an improper act.

As this blessing was achieved by the Muslims only through the Holy Prophet, Allah addressed only him and said: And if we return the one who flees to us from them, Allah will create some other way out for him.

At last, after a great deal of confusion, perplexity and hesitation they were overcome by their false sense of honor and for the sake of their prestige they took the decision that they would at no cost allow innna caravan to enter the city of Makkah. According to the treaty conditions, therefore, they would perform the tawaf the following year if it pleased Allah.

English – Transliteration – Surah Al-Fath ( The Victory ) | القرآن الكريم للجميع

Then they would come running and request you to take them also along. Although the believers were satisfied when they heard this Divine Revelation, not much longer afterwards the advantages of this treaty began to appear one after the other until every one became fully convinced that this peace treaty indeed was a great victory: Al-Jassas, Ahkam alQur an.

As for themselves they think that they did a wise thing by not going on the dangerous journey; had they any desire for Allah and His forgiveness, they would not have stayed behind at home. In the first case, he will be under obligation to pay compensation for manslaughter as well as do expiation; in the second case he will only do expiation.

In other words, he did not bring this Religion so that it might survive in a limited compartment of life which is allowed it by the dominant religion, while the rest of the spheres of life, by and large, should remain under the relentless control of some false religion.