Sri Sai Baba’s staunch devotees Shri Ganpat Rao Dattatray Sahasrabude Rao Tendulkar had also written a book named ‘Shri Sai Nath Bhajan Mala’. 9 Nov named “Shri Sainath Bhajan Mala” containing abhangas and padas describing the Leelas of Baba. It is a book worth reading by those who. pdf – Bhajan Mala Hktu ekyk Bhajan Mala mek xqj[kk Internet Edition: I BOW IN REVERENCE TO THE MOST VENERABLE GURU SHRI SAINATH! 1.

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Allah will do good. Once Babu who had the benefit of Western Medical Education from a Medical College was so filled with doubts and misgivings that he did not appear for the examination.

At that time, he did not. But the vicious circle of suspicion, greed, caste and creed always surrounds us and it prevents us from being one with God. He was sure that the child is none other than Kabir. List of ebooks and manuels about Shri sainath bhajan mala.

Shri Sainath Bhajan – eBook and Manual Free download

Baba kept saying throughout the way, ‘Oh Tatya, Oh Kotya’! Whenever Tatya would sit down to rest in the Masjid, Baba would tease him for fun. If Asinath return, I will sanath after my body myself otherwise you keep it near the Neem tree’ Saying this, Baba breathed his last at 10 p. There were trees on the banks of the river. Exactly four years after Baba’s Samadhi, Shri Mhalsapati also passed away Seven days before Baba’s Samadhi, some hunters brought a lion, tied up in chains, in front of Baba.


We pray to you Dear Lord, for your supreme vision and guidance to refrain us from the material distractions of the world. In next two hours, he will be better and he will be sbri alright by morning.

Download free shirdi Sai Baba pdf books

I believe the children who study this book, will enjoy reading about the joyful actions of Baba. In her house, there used to be a huge Bakul tree, Savitri Bai used to collect these Bakul flowers and used to make a garland and also made a bed of these flowers and placed the photo of Shri Sai Baba on these flowers.

If the time is good, we will be devoted towards God and have firm faith and conviction in Him. About miles away from my house, there was a holy place where a temple of Lord Shiva was made.

A few days before the Udyapan ceremony one saintly person arrived at the station and was dressed in Bengali attire.

Baba always surprised his devotees like this by reading their minds and narrating factual incidents. He then mentioned that it was controlled in time preventing a major mishap. When Baba came to Shirdi for the first time, he was wearing a green coloured Kafni a long robe and a Safa scarf worn over the head. snri

We are going to narrate a few such examples and hope that it will make you believe that with full faith in Baba you can expect success in every sphere of life. Bhzjan if Tatya looks like this?


Dedicated to my Late Father Shri C. Bayaja Ma used to leave all her household work and sit besides Baba.

He decided to give shelter to bhjan. Every time Bayaja Ma would give Baba half a piece of bread. Please login or register. Shri Sai Baba’s Samadhi.

His horse was very hungry so the man took out a bag containing grams for the horse’s food and dashed it on the ground to remove dirt. The embarrassed and ashamed villagers went away from Dwarkamai. After some time passed both of them died.

Shri sainath bhajan mala

Deo Could you please advise where I can get these books? Suhaas replied very intelligently, “Doctor Kaka, Sai Baba is here only. Then the Fakir ordered him to search the mare near the drain and miraculously he found the mare there. Shri Dixit wrote back a letter asking for the boy to be brought to Shirdi. Being bhajzn saint, he was not filled with remorse.