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NADI ASTROLOGY Prasana A Contemporary Treatise UMANG TANEJA . This book includes chapters according to all the nine events of life in a native viz. Umang Taneja is the author of A Text book of Astrology ( avg rating, 4 ratings , 1 review), Prashna ( avg rating, 3 ratings, 0 reviews), Accurate. List of products by producer Umang Taneja. Nadi Astrology – Accurate Predictive Methodology By Umang Taneja. Publisher: Umang Taneja. Price: ₹

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Many a times the kidnapped person is murdered by the kidnappers and for that murder and longevity has to be seen. Jup 8Y 1M 3D Jupiter Dasa is in operation at the time of asking the question, which signifies 3,6,9; 4,5,8; 1,8,11 in the Planet, Nakshatra and Sub lord.

It is only essential that the querist is serious and curious about the question. Illustration- 15 Shall I sell my business establishment?

Illustration – 19 When will I get Job? In Natal Astrology purchase of property, vehicle, marriage and all other events of life can be predicted but answer to a precise question, can be easily predicted in Horary Astrology e.

I appeal to all readers to write to me for any suggestions, improvements so that I incorporate the same in next edition of this book.

Umang Taneja (Author of A Text book of Astrology)

However care should be taken that the second time again boois native is serious to ask the question. Bhukti of Mars is not an exception. If somehow Saturn is predominant in DBA with other natural malefic, the property purchased can also be smaller than the needs of the native.


My compliments for your prompt delivery. Dictionary of Significators in Astrology. Illustration – 7 Will my husband get bail tomorrow? Next Bhukti lord Mercury is ordinary. Native took divorce within a year. Sun is positive for win as it signifies 8, Ven 9Y 6M 20D Native used to receive threatening calls from someone and the culprit was uumang.

He got married to Dr. Native did out of court settlement and got a portion of property. Purpose of Travel Following is the list of combinations for the purpose of travel of the native.

Books By Umang Taneja

Rah 17Y 11M 13D Native wanted a particular job in this question for which he had given the interview on the day of asking the question. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: If subsequent DBA signifies 2,6,10,11 or 2,7,10,11 then the bpoks is for good but if 8,12 are signified the change is for bad or there is going to be downward trend in the carrier subsequently.

Out of 2,6,10,11 if 6,11 or 10,11 or book or 2,6,10 or 2,10 are signified in the DBA, these are good for career in descending order. Combination 4,11 purchase of property and 4,7,11 purchase of commercial property is also indicated. This is the period when government will help for the institute and Institute in real sense should start specially in the Antra of Rahu, However being 6,8 Houses are together the work will not be easy.


His Natal Horoscope is given below. The Natal Horoscope of the native below supports the Horary Horoscope.

My Books | Umang Taneja

Rahu signifies 2,4,9,11,3 Houses which are extremely positive. The correct Ayanamsa is given by the figure It also rules confusions and victims of the situation however it boiks in our hand to overpower and weaken others.

The concerned events will take place in the concerned DBA.

The astrologer in all such cases shall deal with the native in a very articulate manner Sale of Property Sale of property is signified by the combination 3,5, Furthermore, the competitive written examinations are followed by interviews or group discussions or both.

Step 2 Find out the Ayanamsa of Thank you very much. Illustration – 16 Will I get the job? In this case the question should be attempted from the ascendant itself. Illustration – 29 How will be my career in Future? It happens, just reset it in a minute. In the second question the natal Horoscopes may show purchase of property but property purchased will be any property other than the property he desired to purchase.

The daugter’s marriage was finalized with this boy in a month.