11 Jan Guidebook to 77 via ferrata climbing routes in the Italian Dolomites. Part of a two- volume set, covers the north, central and eastern Dolomites. 18 Nov Together with certified mountain guides, we’ve come up with a selection of the best via ferratas you can find in the Dolomites. 20 Jan Marmolada, Dolomites, Italy. One of the few via ferrata that predates the World Wars, this route was first established in It involves hiking.

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Accommodation for Rock Climbers.

Via Ferrata Course in the Dolomites

Ferrztas last… write me: Contact number Invalid Input. A little known fact: We climb down on the other side and come back at Refugio Alpe di Tires.

Contents Introduction What is a via ferrata?

It is an original Kaiserjaeger Austrian mountain troops via ferrata from the tthe. Please refer to the ‘Joining arrangements and transfers’ for further details.

Update – October 2, You may also be interested in From here we carry on up on the Via Ferrata Giovanni Lipella, this section is not itslian difficult but is quite sustained and continues to give fantastic ferrahas sweeping out across the valley.

The route follows a stepped corner and passes a terrace to reach steep chimneys and a series of ladders leading up to the col between the 2 summits. Please take purification tablets or a filter bottle such as a Water-To-Go bottle to treat your water if you can fill from a local stream.


The difficult via ferrata need a different approach especially for some important aspects of the safety. The program, interesting also for lovers of statistics, has been developed by our friend Mauro Boni, a passionate lover of the mountains and someone very knowledgeable about numerous Vie Ferrate.

Welcome to my personal via ferrata page. Today, the use of Vie Ferrate is an activity accessible to all, an activity that consists in following a sporting itinerary splayed out across rocky walls, equipped with cables, steps, ladders, and other elements that can be used to facilitate the climb while at the same time guaranteeing safety.

Via Ferratas of the Italian Dolomites, Volume 1

Arco and Garda Lake Via Ferrata: We take your privacy seriously. Providing this procedure is carefully adhered voa, via ferrata climbing is simple and safe. Recording also helps to protect the interests of both KE Adventure Travel and its clients and suppliers. Your browser is out of date, and may not be compatible with our website. In the iralian you find from easy and short to longer and difficult via ferrataone solution for every person!

Message for screen reader users

All the routes are also graded by technical difficulty and seriousness. Via Ferrata Main Page. The itslian day of the via Ferrata Course is dedicated at the basic technique tips, we concentrate our climbing day at he most important and basilar manoeuvres for the safety. Make this KE Adventure your own!


Via Ferrata Course in the Dolomites: the best choice to begin

Email address Invalid Input. In fact, although you may have heard of Via Ferrata installations in other parts of the world, this mountain range in Northern Italy is from where the term originates. Importantly, a via ferrata lanyard must also incorporate a dynamic system to protect against shock loads becoming excessive, in the case of a fall.

Helmet, Harness, a Ferrata Set, Ferrata gloves. A Via Ferrata in english: Fall factor and impact force are two important concepts in the physics of climbing falls.

Overview and Introduction What is a ferrata? Another passion which developed alongside his love for mountains and writing is photography, with his landscape and sports photography work gaining international acclaim.

Receive updates by email Be notified by email fdrratas this book receives an update or correction. James Rushforth James’ interest in mountaineering began at a young age, spending family holidays in the Lake District and North Wales, yet it wasn’t long before his passion for rock took him further afield to explore the mountains of northern Europe.

Our standard dates don’t fit? In,andI explored a small part of this fantastic area, and this web presentation is one of the results.